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Thanks to the recent discovery of codes, I am going to experiment to see whether or not I can submit the ultimate collection here.  This will also give me a chance to update and take out void comics.
  • Asterisks (*) indicate that the link leads to a collection.
  • The symbol (W) indicate that the link leads to, in addition to a comic, a written piece.
  • The symbol (X) indicate that the link leads to a mature comic, and should NOT be approached by everyone.

Banjo-Kazooie (BK)

Basil, the Great Mouse Detective (BGMD)

Crossovers (CRVR)

Including, but not limited to, Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon TRI, etc.

Disney (DIS)
Crossovers or generally Disney

Hellsing (HS)

Lion King (TLK)

Mario (MRO)


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP)

Sonic the Hedgehog (SONIC)

Teen Titans (TT)

Zootopia (ZTP)


Comic Bump #35
Backstage Bitch, by Diavololo
WARNING: contains Light!Sexually Suggestive Themes and Strong Language (including GD)
Backstage Bitch 1 by Diavololo
Comic Bump #34
Bad Berries, by Diavololo
WARNING: contains Blood/Gore and WildeHopps (NickxJudy)
Bad Berries 1 by Diavololo
Comic Bump #33
Filth, by Diavololo
WARNING: contains WildeHopps (NickxJudy) and Moderate!Sexually Suggestive Themes
Filth 1 by Diavololo
Comic Bump #32
The C-Word, by Diavololo
WARNING: contains WildeHopps (NickxJudy)
The C-Word 1 by Diavololo
Comic Bump #31
Caught, by Diavololo
WARNING: contains WildeHopps (NickxJudy)
Caught 1 by Diavololo
Comic Bump #30
Dinner Conversation, by Diavololo
WARNING: contains WildeHopps (NickxJudy)
Dinner Conversation 1 by Diavololo
Comic Bump #29
I Love Rouge, by angel-de-la-verdad
WARNING: contains Nudity, OOC-ness & Strong!Sexually Suggestive Themes (including implied Fornication) - approach this comic with caution for the sexually suggestive themes

Mature Content

Knouge-I love Rouge by angel-de-la-verdad
Knouge-I love Rouge2 by angel-de-la-verdad Knouge-I love Rouge3 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge4 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge5 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge6 by angel-de-la-verdad
Knouge-I love Rouge7 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge8 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge9 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge10 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge11 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge12 by angel-de-la-verdad
Knouge-I love Rouge13 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge14 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge15 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge16 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge17 by angel-de-la-verdad

Mature Content

Knouge-I love Rouge18 by angel-de-la-verdad

Knouge-I love Rouge19 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge20 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge21 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge22 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge23 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge24 by angel-de-la-verdad
Knouge-I love Rouge25 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge26 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge27 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge28 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge29 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge30 by angel-de-la-verdad
Knouge-I love Rouge31 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge32 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge33 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge34 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge35 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge36 by angel-de-la-verdad
Knouge-I love Rouge37 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge38 by angel-de-la-verdadKnouge-I love Rouge39-END by angel-de-la-verdad
Comic Bump #28
Young Romance, by TropicalCandyy
WARNING: contains Light!Sexually Suggestive Themes, Slice of Life, & Sonamy (SonicxAmy) - approach this comic with caution for the light sexually suggestive themes
Young Romance Pg1 by TropicalCandyy
Comic Bump #27
Hide From Your Shadow, by Miiukka
WARNING: contains Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Sonamy (SonicxAmy), & Supernatural
HFYS Cover by Miiukka
#sonicthehedgehog #soniccomic #sonamy #sonicxamy
Comic #26
This Is What True Love Looks Like, by EmberLarelle276
WARNING: contains Pregnant!JudyHopps, Pre!SavageHopps (Jack Savage x Judy Hopps), Slice of Life, Strong Language, WildeHopps (Nick Wilde x Judy Hopps) - approach this comic with caution
#disney #zootopia #zootopia_disney #wildehopps #wildehoppscomic
Comic Bump #23
One Hundred Percent, by Kulkum
WARNING: contains Amnesia, Strong!Sexually Suggestive Themes (Erotica/Lemon), Strong Language (including GD), WildeHopps (Nick Wilde x Judy Hopps)
This comic is NOT for all public audiences.

One Hundred Percent - Part 1
One-Hundred Percent - Part 1
Day 1
    The fox was distinctly uncomfortable in the passenger side of the gray car as it pulled into another turn on the cliff side road that apparently led to their destination. He wasn’t sure what he expected, in all honestly. If the rabbit who drove the car in silence lived out here, it was no wonder he had decided to become a cop. The pay must have been amazing to afford such a lofty abode, with a view of Zootopia that would remind anyone of how magnificent the city was when seen from the outside. What he saw – what he remembered – was another reason to question what he had been told.  It was another example of how a fox like him would never reach the height promised by such a view; because of the city may have sparkled like a star when seen from a distance but it lost a great deal of its luster when seen from below. When seen through the eyes of those who lived on the streets, bei
One Hundred Percent - Part 2
One Hundred Percent - Part 2
Day 30
    She made an art form of avoiding him. If his life were normal, it might have been impressive and praiseworthy. She was always gone before he woke up, always managed to slip into the house late when he wasn’t looking. Not that he waited up for her, not that he stood by the window and wondered why her shifts were twice as long now; wondered why she never left her room or joined him for meals anymore. They weren’t in a relationship now, of that much he was certain. He had looked through the box again, paid extra close attention to every picture on her wall, checked drawers, dressers. He was beyond feeling bad enough rummaging through her house, mostly because he just needed to know the truth, and partly because he was sure that she had to know about it by now. There was no way she had not noticed his scent in her bed, yet she had said nothing. Simply remained locked away, silent aside from the occasion

One Hundred Percent Part 1 by Kulkum One Hundred Percent Part 2 by Kulkum
One Hundred Percent 2: Part 1
One Hundred Percent Two: Remembering…
How well she knows
    Lying on the couch this late at night wasn’t exactly productive, but he wasn’t feeling particularly productive today. Not that he had been particularly productive for the past two months. Even knowing that it was more than understandable and had been advised by his doctor that he not try to force himself to work as anything other than a police officer did not remove that feeling of being useless. From the age of twelve, he had worked his first hustle and hadn’t stopped moving from that point forward. Some might not have called it work but some people didn’t understand the planning involved, or the legwork needed. The struggle to keep things legal even if not entirely unethical while jumping from one part of Zootopia to the other on a very tight schedule, requiring that the freshly frozen merchandise be waiting and on display
One Hundred Percent 2: Part 2
One Hundred Percent Two: Remembering...
What is Important

    The house was quiet and darker than it should have been. The combination of the two had alarms going off in her head, fear tightening her gut, and her heart and mind at war with each other as the silent emptiness tried to creep in. Tried to warn her, foolishly, that this was it. He was gone. Every promise made, every assurance that he would never leave didn’t stop the moment. It was irrational and unwanted, but that also made it unavoidable. The seed of the fear, when she had those moments when she was honest with herself, was frustration and a little voice in the back of her mind that kept trying to tell her that he just wasn’t attracted to her. It was an easy, lazy excuse and she knew it. But that didn’t make it less real. He didn’t remember how or when things had started to change between them, after all. Didn’t that mean it was possible that the moment when he real

#disney #zootopia_disney #zootopia #wildehopps #wildehoppscomic #erotica #eroticfanfiction
Comic Bump #19
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Dearest Fluttershy, by GamblingFoxinaHat
Dearest Fluttershy pg. 1 by GamblingFoxinaHat
WARNING: Depression, Fluttercord (DiscordxFluttershy), Major Character Death, Slice of Life
#mlpcomic #fluttercord #fluttercordcomic
Comic Bump #18
Super Mario Brothers
I'd Like You To Meet..., by Nintendrawer
i'd like you to meet... by Nintendrawer
WARNING: contains LuigixDaisy, Light!Sexually Suggestive Themes, Smoking, & Light!Strong Language
#nintendocomic #lugixdaisy

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